ull up a cloud and join Professor Dabblebee, a quirky wizard and inventor, and his friends in musical adventures as they travel the globe in their magical flying house. Together they help Wordy, a young dictionary, fill up his pages with words from around the world.

Hey Wordy! is fun for the entire family. Through original songs, lively animation, and magical adventures, children are introduced to foreign languages and cultures, inspiring them to celebrate difference and each other!




A young dictionary who gathers words from different countries during his magical adventures around the world.


Wordy's pet cloud who has all the characteristics of a young, fun-loving puppy.

Acting as Wordy's older, robot teenage sister, Gizma is one of Dabbelee's greatest inventions! Gizma loves math, science and technology, and demonstrates to girls that it's cool to be smart!


As a magical butler, whenever Dabblebee needs him, he appears...in a blink! But keep your eyes open because Blink can magically change into anyone he wants!



Our speedy, unpredictable and dedicated messenger bird who brings Wordy the word of the day. Unable to make smooth landings, Crash keep us guessing as to how and where he's going to land with each visit! 


Dabblebee's faithful cat and favorite playmate, or play toy, of Cloudy. As you can see, Blue Cat is always lively, energetic, alert, and ready to pounce!

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