ull up a cloud and join Professor Dabblebee, a quirky wizard and inventor, and his friends in musical adventures as they travel the globe in their magical flying house. Together they help Wordy, a young dictionary, fill up his pages with words from around the world.


to Other Countries, Languages, & Cultures

A Musical, Magical, Adventure


"Hey Wordy!" is fun for the entire family. Through original songs, lively animation, and magical adventures, children are introduced to world languages and cultures, inspiring them to celebrate difference and each other!


90-Second Episodes

Full-Length Songs

"Hey Wordy!" Pilot

Cloud Street Schoolhouse Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 dedicated to creating new and innovative ways to educate our children to become global "kidizens," and inspire them to learn world languages through the celebration of other cultures, thereby insuring they thrive in the global marketplace and live in a peaceful and safe world of mutual understanding.

Our Mission

To promote a world where children celebrate diversity, inclusion, and each other by opening the doors to world languages and cultures through entertainment properties and educational materials.

Our Vision

David Burke

Creator & Star of "Hey Wordy!"

David was raised in a household where 7 languages were spoken, and is revolutionizing language learning worldwide. He is the recipient of the Parent Teacher Council Award and has authored over 60 language books used by UCLA, NYU, Boston University, the US State Department, and other major institutions, that have sold over a million copies. He is considered the Go-To expert on cultural do’s and don’ts, helping corporations and travelers avoid embarrassing faux pas.

Studying as a concert pianist since age four, David combines his passion for music, language, and cultures in the Hey Wordy! series. “In this global economy, it’s never been more important to know world languages and culture. Children in the U.S. lag significantly behind their peers around the world where multiple-language learning is commonplace.”

David was a popular fixture on Voice of America TV & Radio (the official broadcast arm of the U.S. Government, reaching an audience of 250 million people and broadcasting in 43 languages) teaching everyday American idioms and slang to his longtime followers. During this time, he was chosen by the CEO of Home Shopping Network to sell their children’s line of products on camera, and has appeared on national TV networks and programs such as The Sharon Osborne Show, CNN, BBC, CBS, NBC, Home & Family.

Hey Wordy! has already established itself as a valuable children’s property airing   regularly on American Forces Network (AFN) broadcasting to military families in 176 countries. David serves as a producer, writer, and composer for Hey Wordy! and stars as Professor Dabblebee, in a cast of animated characters (many voiced by David).


David's favorite quote: “A sweater is something you wear when your mother is cold.”

The Executive Team

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